There is no liberation,no?
The smoke that surrounds us, with no end.
The pit that we are falling in, with no bottom.
The stink, that no perfume can cover up.
The lock doesn’t have a key
and the prison, it doesn’t have a door
The hope, exists only in our minds.
The savior, only in our dreams.
The soul stays famished
and the heart, littered.
Not broken.No. Only littered. Spread. Confused. Wild.
There’s a difference.
The mind, it’s not allowed to roam, is it?
The essence of it, wrapped in a bottle
when it should have been the one littered.
The world stands inverted
and the sky, crushing upon me.

But maybe.

Maybe the smoke clouds light
light with age old dust swimming in it, but light indeed.
Light from a hole
and maybe the hole is in a door
Maybe the pit has no bottom
because I am shooting to the sky, amidst stars.
Maybe the stink, is just my nose acting up
Maybe the lock is already open,
and the door is just shut for me to grab the handle.
Maybe I have been standing on the other side of the prison bars,
foolish enough to only look straight.
A lot of maybes they are,
but the hope has a spark of fire to it
hidden in the burnt debris and ashes.
Maybe it’s all in my head,
but why should that mean that it’s not real?
One only needs to stand down with his faith
and remember,
that happiness can be found even in the darkest of times
if one only remembers, to turn on the light.
And maybe, I think as I excite myself,
the savior is no one but me.

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6 thoughts on “Faith

  1. This says a lot – if one does more than just read the words. I’m a Nichiren Buddhist. Many people who have a “faith” don’t see it as something that helps you understand why things happen and what it means- or that it is ourselves that create it. Most people are waiting to die and then they’ll be happy in some mentally fabricated mansion. No one can tell me if there is food in heaven so I sure as hell don’t want to go. It sounds boring. In the US with the average Christian faith I have found that most “use” their faith when is convenient and rarely when it makes them responsible for the things that go wrong – then it is an unseen, unheard entity that controls or plans what happens to you. That is sad, because, as powerful as our minds are, to not use it is a waste. Focus it where we want to go and instead of letting life slap us left and right so we spend too much time digging ourselves out of holes instead of steering our lives where we want to be. People remain oblivious to all they can really do.

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  2. I like the optimism of the second section of your work, so much of that being true (yes, we can make our own prisons). The only issue where I disagree is that no, we can’t be our own savior — we can sort our lives better in lots of ways but there’s still a “God gap” even if we don’t want to recognise or pursue it.


    1. The problems I have been in, in my short life, always seemed to be solved only when I acted on what was right. With time and experience, I may get the full meaning of your words. Thank you for the feedback!


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