We have a problem, people. The ocean inside me churns Its not at peace with itself it whips up tornadoes and conjures tsunamis. It refuses to stay still blind to the fact that what hypes it up what causes this unrest is the quest for serenity itself. My stomach ties itself up, In a knot. […]

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City Lights

These globs, seem like ghosts apparitions I need to get away from, to somewhere where they are further off the ground a place where they are pure and white a haven where they form a roof over my head not a display below my apartment. I bought a high powered binoculars. A friend of mine […]

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There is no liberation,no? The smoke that surrounds us, with no end. The pit that we are falling in, with no bottom. The stink, that no perfume can cover up. The lock doesn’t have a key and the prison, it doesn’t have a door The hope, exists only in our minds. The savior, only in […]

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Her laugh

She laughed but it was hollow, She threw her head back but seemed to be throwing it in her hands. Her soul has forgotten delight her wings, forgotten to flutter her heart, forgotten to jump and her eyes, forgotten to be soft. Her eyes, their beauty at par with diamonds yet, only stone. Her arms, […]

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Summer’s Night

This poem is written by my friend, Tathagata Chakraborty,who is a terrific writer. Follow him at This summer, I met an angel. With a smile as warm as summer, And a gaze as cold as winter. She wished to reach for the sky. Only to be brought down, By her tattered wings. I long for […]

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Ever felt like?

Ever felt like locking yourself in a room, and screaming? And if you scream hard enough, your body shall be engulfed in flames. The heat from it will melt away all the fears. The ashes left will not fall down, but float towards the sky, from the sheer enormity of my scream. “I feel like […]

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  The whole horizon, I never could see. The godly sphere, ended too early. Because hiding it, like a bride’s ghunghat, was a lush mountain and standing on it, in all its magnificence was a golden tree, with its sparkling leaves the sunlight seeping through it like even celestial beings were trying to reach Drawn […]

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Banish the notion that night is darkest before the dawn. Condemn the blinding brightness and wander through the starry night. Rather gawk at the stars than shield our faces from the sun Realise that night, is the most beautiful time of the day. Stay in the dark, because ignorance is bliss. We would rather embrace […]

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An Act of God

As he looked down, he saw millions of people come together to pray. Not for themselves, not for their families, but for the victims of the horrendous crime called rape. It touched him. Acts of humanity from humans were rare. Today, however, their support and sympathy was purely selfless, and selfless deeds that do not […]

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Surviving through the ages, we excluded it from the clutches of time. But why should we, as we leave old stuff behind, and step ripe, into this modern age? In the name of religion, people are no more people, but animals and cutthroats. It is a tool, to make people drive trishuls through live guts. […]

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